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Our each rug featured here boasts the same impeccable quality and stunning design as those sold on other platforms, but at significantly lower prices.

Pink Monster Rug in Etsy

This anomalous rug is inspired by the images of pink monster. This rugs are not only for home decoration, but also show the owner’s love for life.

Pink Monster Rug in Our Factory

The price of the same rug as ours is about 50% higher than ours.

Semi-Circular Flower Rug in Etsy

The same rug as ours costs twice as much.

Semi-Circular Flower Rug in Our Factory

This floral rug can effortlessly infuse a touch of freshness and personality into your home decor.

Cute Cat Rug in Etsy

The price of the same rug as ours is about 20% higher than ours.

Cute Cat Rug in Our Factory

Adorned with an adorable image of a cat standing on its hind legs, this rug captures the playful and mischievous nature of our feline friends.

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